DartCannon: Where We’re Going

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We’re so exited to see the response to our launch, we wanted to let you know what you can expect from us in the coming months. To fulfill out mission of bringing advanced tools to leaders at all levels, we launched with just the basics in place and have so much more planned.

While we can’t commit to a specific date, here is some of what we’re working on:

Shared Simulations

To keep things simple, we currently do now allow sharing simulations. Our first major feature is to allow sharing simulations for collaboration and in a read-only mode. This will also allow you to share simulations publicly so anyone with the link can view it.

Scrum Simulations

We know that not everyone runs their projects in the same way and while we’ve always planned on supporting agile methodologies, finding the right general approach has delayed our first implementation. In the coming months we’ll be releasing a third simulation type to support people using scrum/agile methods for projects.

PowerPoint Export

While we don’t expect anyone to immediately turn around and project our presentations, we do want to provide slides people can use to share plans and progress in easily editable formats.

Correlated Items

A major assumption of our overall approach is that individual tasks or line items are independent of one another. In practice however, actual outcomes tend to all run low or high. This feature will be as easy to use as the rest of DartCannon and will truly provide insights unavailable from other easily accessible tools.

Combined Schedule / Budget

While many projects have the benefit of only needing to worry about budget or schedule independently, if you don’t have that luxury you’ll need to see how they both come together.

When You can expect them

We’re still working on prioritizing all these features and would love to hear from you in what would be most beneficial to your work. We’ll always continue with new tutorials and guides to getting the most out of DartCannon along with bug fixes and minor quality of life improvements.

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