Introducing DartCannon

Cross-Posted from the new startup I’ve been working on - Most estimation is taking a single shot in the dark. DartCannon exists to let you take thousands of shots on the goal – firing as many darts at the dart board as needed to get an understanding of where they’ll fall. Previously this capability was limited to planning departments with deep pockets, willing to shell out for esoteric, complicated pieces of software. DartCannon changes the game, bringing those advanced tools to a price point and simplicity where anyone can use them. And you can start for free. We’re committed to improving estimation we’re letting everyone use the basics of out tool for no out of pocket expense and no credit card required. Of course we hope you stick around and subscribe to access out premium features –
  • Unlimited Simulations
  • Unlimited Complexity to Simulations
  • High-Resolution Simulations
  • Excel(TM) Import and Export
We plan to continue to push the envelope of what you can do with DartCannon and help ensure that leaders at all levels have access to the most advanced tools to move the art of management forward. We’re not done either – in the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our roadmap and how we hope to continue to improve and provide more features, both for free and premium users. Sign up today:

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