The DartCannon Technology Stack

Today we want to pull back the curtain on how we built DartCannon and share our appreciation on all the projects that have helped us get here. The Core The foundational piece of DartCannon is our custom-build proprietary Monte Carlo simulation engine, Thompson. Under development in some form for over 8 years, Thompson is what enables us to iterate quickly and provide such high quality simulations at an affordable price point.

DartCannon: Week In Review 7/13/2018

Every week on DartCannon we give a rundown on the week including what we’ve written, are reading, and major imporvements. I won’t cross-post all of them, but will put them up every so often. Happy Friday! Here’s a rundown of this week in DartCannon What We Wrote Accepting an Estimate - DartCannon is about creating simulations of complex business problems, but once the simulation is done the work of getting buy in starts.

DartCannon: Estimating at the grocery store

To understand probability in forecasting, we can take a trip to the grocery store. What We’re Going To Do Demonstrate Estimation by shopping for produce Look at reducing uncertainty Explain reducible vs irreducible uncertainty The Basic Scenario Lets say we’re going to shop for ingredients for a fruit salad consisting of 2 apples, 1 banana and some grapes. Without going any further, you probably can make a reasonable guess about how much things will cost.

DartCannon: Where We’re Going

We’re so exited to see the response to our launch, we wanted to let you know what you can expect from us in the coming months. To fulfill out mission of bringing advanced tools to leaders at all levels, we launched with just the basics in place and have so much more planned. While we can’t commit to a specific date, here is some of what we’re working on:

Introducing DartCannon

Most estimation is taking a single shot in the dark. DartCannon exists to let you take thousands of shots on the goal – firing as many darts at the dart board as needed to get an understanding of where they’ll fall. Previously this capability was limited to planning departments with deep pockets, willing to shell out for esoteric, complicated pieces of software. DartCannon changes the game, bringing those advanced tools to a price point and simplicity where anyone can use them.