Daily reads for 10/2/2013

Too many articles on the Silk Road bust, but it is fascinating…

Reads for the Week 9/9 – 9/14 (part 1)

After a week where I had some trouble finding the time to do daily posts, I’ve automated part of the process so hopefully next week these will be more regular. This part 1 of what I read this week is mainly the gaming and computing news I’ve read. Articles are roughly in order of interest for easy skimming. Expect part 2 later today with more general articles.

Reads for 9/5 & 9/6

Life got in the way of updating, so here’s a slightly longer list of readings from the past several days. In no particular order…

Recipe of the day: Green Onion Manicotti

More Than 800,000 Scientific Papers In One Beautiful Infographic

Reads for 9/4/2013

Here’s what I’ve been reading today:



  • Cow Tipping: Fake or Really Fake? – A good link to keep handy next time the topic comes up. Nothing I wasn’t already aware of, so could probably have skipped reading it. 
  • Corporate Personhood: Why It’s Awesome – The law around “Corporate Personhood” is very interesting and nuanced and not easily reduced. 
  • Straight  UpA brief history of how Johnnie Walker grew to be such a global brand. Interesting aspect is the ceremonial role it has taken on and positioning in the the developing world. Feel like I want to apply some value judgement here, but it is hard to unpack the complex web at work.

Recipe of the day: Polenta Tart with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Evolution of Bicycles (via I Love Charts)

Reads for 9/3/2013

Here’s the deal – I scour through a ton of reading material each day and to start tracking my reading, I figured it would be a good idea to capture the articles I actually read. Additionally, figured it would be an good throw-back to the days when everyone used del.icio.us to share everything they spent more then 5 minutes reading. That social aspect has mostly been replaced with twitter and facebook, but there is so much weight from commentary and the pressures of the curated timeline results in much more targeted sharing.

So here goes! Today happens to all be fairly general, but I expect some categorization in the future.

One more thing…

Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, hugging, smiling, underneath a rainbow.
“…Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, hugging, smiling, underneath a rainbow.” from Portland Mercury Blogtown