Grow with Arduino: Calibration update

My parents are visiting, so I haven’t had much time to dig into anything too much recently, but I did tweak the temperature sensor. It appears to be giving much better readings now.

Given this represents a 30+ degree swing in temperature, I really want a wider range in readings, but it will do for now. I’m considering switching to a 1-wire chip or something that includes additional weather data (like barometric pressure).

The light sensor is going great, you can clearly pick out sunrise/sunset and when the sun was directly shining on the sensor vs. being in shadow

There is something off with the moisture sensor. I tested it by putting in and out of a glass of water but in the ground, it is giving a fairly constant reading where I’d expect it to drop off since the time I last watered it. Looking at the data sheet, I may be over-volting it (5V vs. 3.3V), so I’ll see if that is the problem later today (hopefully).

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